It was...


then it was just Valentine

cat with an attitude - or am I being redundant?

and then there were none

Friday morning, 24 Septermber 2010, I found that Valentine had passed quietly in her sleep. She was not quite 13 years old.

I'll always remember her as the legendary huntress who regularly brought live critters into the house: lizards, rodents, birds, even including hummingbirds! At least ten times I had to rescue live hummingbirds, and (thankfully!) release them unhurt. She was a survivor, going from rooftop to rooftop through the neighborhood, until a few months ago. When the gray foxes in "Farquharson Canyon" were replaced by coyotes awhile back, I was somewhat concerned for her safety, but I needn't have worried. As I said, she was a survivor.

I now have fulfilled my obligations to all of the pets left in my care ten years ago, so I will be moving on from the Point Loma house I've lived in for over seventeen years. The house will go onto the market shortly.

His name was Chewbacca, better known as Chewy. He was born in Missouri on a puppy farm, but he moved to a pet store in LaJolla, California when he was two months old. Phil and Karen Farquharson took him home with them just before Christmas 1994. They were going to call him 'Ewok', because they thought he looked like one of those critters from the Star Wars Trilogy, but when they got him home they found out that he liked to chew on stuff, so...

Chewy stayed with Phil after Karen left in 2000 and until June 3rd, 2009, when it became time for him to join Spot in doggie heaven. For the last three years of his life, Chewy missed Spot tremendously, and accompanied Phil on four road trips to Wisconsin, and on numerous SDAG and Southwestern College geology field trips. His passing leaves a huge vacuum in the home he occupied for fourteen and a half years.

This was Chewy's baby "brother." His name was Spot. In November 2006, he got sick and died. Phil and Valentine still miss him a lot.

When Spot and Chewy moved into the house with Phil and Karen, there were already two cats living in the house. Their names were Boop and Pooh, and they were fourteen years old. The cats loved the dogs a lot, but they didn't always show it. They both got sick and died - Pooh in June of 1996, then Boop in March of '97. They are still missed.

After Boop and Poo, there was a new feline member of the household. His name was Domino, and he was born on New Year's Day, 1997. He was a great hiker, and loved the mountain cabin north of Idylwild, but he died, perhaps of a spider bite, in February 1998.

The dog in the background whose image has been embossed, is a female Chow that some bad person abandoned at "Bark Park" next to the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. She had a pup with her that appeared to have been part retriever, and she stayed at Phil's Air National Guard unit for two months waiting for someone to adopt her and her daughter.

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